LG's IPS Personal TV is Also Your Next New Monitor

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG has once again announced something big and with a screen on the front of it, updating its range of "Personal TV" displays to include a couple of newer models with IPS tech inside.

The DM2752 and M2752 are combination monitors and TVs, both able to decode HD terrestrial broadcasts, with picture-in-picture abilities so you can -- yes! -- watch TV while simultaneously being on the internet. The evenings will fly past quicker than ever.

You also get two HDMI sockets for hooking up your preferred type of games console, plus USB media playback support for eliminating the PC from the film-watching process if you can be bothered shuffling your files onto a USB stick. The DM2752 is the deluxe, 3D model, which launches in July. The M2752 ought to be out now, although we can't find it listed anywhere yet to get an idea of the price of the thing. [LG]