Lightning Strikes Man's Scrotum

By Jesus Diaz on at

A lightning struck a 53-year-old man's scrotum and then exited his body through one of his feet in Madrid, Spain. The good news: he survived. The bad news: his testicles were burned. A lucky man. Or maybe not.

The man was walking through Avenida de La Ilustración — a street in Madrid's suburb Tres Cantos — when the lightning struck his scrotum thought his pants, travelled through one of his legs and went to the sidewalk through his foot. He fell unconscious.

His son called the emergency services, who treated the burns on his scrotum and feet. They moved him to the Hospital de la Paz, where he got interned. Luckily, his heart and brain were not affected by the lightning, said the doctors.

Nature has a sick sense of humour sometimes. [El Mundo — In Spanish]