London's City-Running "Smart OS" Beta Test Gets Underway

By Gary Cutlack on at

The so-called Urban OS will be tested in parts of London's Greenwich peninsula, a particularly dead and lifeless part of the city that's home to the depressing Dome. If it doesn't work no one will really notice.

The software, developed by Living Plan IT, is designed to combine data from housing, businesses and utilities, creating one super-complex, and hopefully very robust, operating system that can automate and regulate numerous civic tasks.

It'll handle the simple, existing stuff like turning the street lights on when it gets dark, while more complex solutions, like the installation of "thousands of sensors" in an office block, will allow the use of "smart" heating and lighting systems.

There will also be "smart vests" that monitor the health of the wearer. Perhaps they might tell you to go an eat a Twix when your blood sugar level's getting low?  [BBC]

Image credit: Greenwich from Shutterstock