LoveFilm Instant Finally Goes HD, Just Not on Your PS3

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well that took long enough. Considering Netflix and others already stream movies and TV shows in HD, it's about time LoveFilm went HD too, even if it is only 720p to your goggle box.

Currently about 200 films and 700 TV episodes are available in HD, with more making their way out of the gloom of SD soon. Highlights currently include the Planet Earth and Human Planet documentary series, as well as Lost and Robin Hood. RED and Attack the Block headline the HD movie line-up, with Gnomeo & Juliet bringing up the rear.

HD streams can be pulled down to your Xbox 360; Samsung smart TV and Blu-ray player; LG smart TV and Blu-ray player, or your desktop. Unfortunately the PS3 is left out, along with Sony's TVs and Blu-ray players, but LoveFilm assures us that it's working hard to go HD on Sony gear. Likewise the iPad isn't streaming in HD either, but unless you've got a new retina display iPad, it's not really going to make any difference to you anyway.

Only the desktop will be able to pull down a full 1080p stream, the rest are limited to 720p. You'll also need a pretty fast 12Mbps connection for full HD, or a minimum of 3Mbps for 720p -- thankfully it's all automatic so you won't have to worry about it too much on your end.

This is a massive step in the right direction for LoveFilm. I just hope it can get the PS3 HD streams up and running soon, and push 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus to consoles, just as Netflix does right now. [LoveFilm]