LoveFilm Signs an Exclusive Universal Movie Deal, So You Can Finally Stream Battleship

By Sam Gibbs on at

The UK streaming war continues fiercely with Amazon's LoveFilm still trading blows with Netflix. The latest round in the revived firefight sees LoveFilm secure an exclusive multi-year deal with Universal for such gems as the Tetris Battleship movie, Kick-Ass and Bourne Legacy.

It's great news if you're a LoveFilm Instant subscriber, as you'll finally be able to get the likes of Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Green Zone and Johnny English Reborn streamed to your goggle box. For F1 fans, Senna is also included in the mix, which is a must-watch for anyone interested in the sport.

Grabbing exclusives is great for the individual services and all, but for us consumers it's not such a massive boon. Yes, we'll finally get streams of a load of relatively decent movies we couldn't before. But to get access to all the various movie studios, we're going to end up having to pay for more than one streaming service. It's a good job they're relatively cheap at this penny-pinching double-dipping time.