Mobile EU-Roaming Price Cuts Are Go

By Sam Gibbs on at

The final hurdle against the much needed EU mobile phone roaming cost cutting we heard about in March has been passed -- the European Union council has given the go-ahead, meaning capped costs for data from July 1st, just in time for live streaming of your summer holiday.

From July, the maximum you'll pay per MB will be 56p, heading downwards to just 16p in 2014 within the EU. There's also provision for you to use local data contracts with your existing number, which should hopefully mean we'll finally get ubiquitous, cheap data across Europe with a bit of preparation on our end. Now all we need to do is get rid of that pesky region lock, and the dream of catching up on last weeks' Apprentice, while basking in the Sun in the middle of Spain, will be finally a reality. [Zdnet]

Image credit: Beach phone from Shutterstock