MP Warns the Olympics Might Get Hacked as SOCA's Site Lays Down and Dies

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's not the best time to be a government site at the moment, it seems hackers think you're fair game. SOCA's been taken out by a botnet army in a classic DDoS attack, while we're being warned that the upcoming London Olympics aren't exactly immune to the wrath of hackers either, although the government is trying its best.

SOCA said that its site doesn't have anything that's not publically available and certainly isn't mission critical, so despite being an inconvenience to would-be visitors, it's just not that bothered. It also doesn't even think that wasting taxpayers' money on beastly servers to handle the load is worth it either, but the man is a tad more worried about the Olympics.

Apparently the Beijing Olympics had an incredible 12 million hacking attempts levelled at it, and the London Olympics will probably end up being an even bigger target. The Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, who recently triggered all that panic fuel buying over nothing, said:

"We have rightly been preparing for some time -- a dedicated unit will help guard the London Olympics against cyber attack -- we are determined to have a safe and secure Games."

Maude, who is also head of the Office for Cyber Security, has seen the government allocate some £650m towards fighting cyber treats over the next four years. Despite the cyber cops' best efforts, there's no telling whether the 2012 Olympics will be able to withstand the inevitable hacking onslaught.

While making signs warn of an impending zombie apocalypse tickles me pink, if the hackers get into the live TV streams and data links we might see the Olympics go dark. Worse still, can you imagine what would happen if hackers got into the computer that hands out medals? We might actually win something. [Independent, The Register]

Image credit: Hackers from Shutterstock