Not Getting Invited To The Opening Of Your Own Building Has Gotta Suck

By Jon Partridge on at

It's always going to be a little bit awkward when you don't get invited to your own building that you designed. As Zaha Hadid describes as being just plain "rude," the Olympic Games failed to give her an invitation to the £269-million Aquatics Centre that she painstakingly designed and built over eight years.

Despite her own success and claim to fame within the architecture world, the Games apparently referred to standard policy and advised that she should go through public channels to get a pass. Imagine not getting invited to your own house party after meticulously crafting the drinking games and getting all the booze -- Hadid will not even get the chance to see how her work is being used, which is half the fun anyway. [Architizer Blog]

Image credit: London Aquatics Centre by David Burrows from