O2 Fancy Rolling Out Even Faster 3G (Because 4G Isn't Quite Here Yet)

By Jon Partridge on at

O2 has decided that now is a good time to throw us some super-fast-flavoured 3G, boosting current speeds ahead of future 4G plans, whilst other networks play cat and mouse with all those spectrums.

The company is giving us the DC-HSPA flavour of 3G, which is a fancy acronym for dual-cell high speed packet access, and would essentially give us really quick speeds of up to a theoretical 42Mbps. Of course, lines are going to get a big congested so it'll be a little slower than that. O2 has said that the roll-out is going to hit major cities first, but didn't specifically state which ones. London, Birmingham and Manchester are likely to receive the boost first, however. With this upgrade tiding our thirst for speed for now, we're still going to have to wait a little while until 4G decides to rear its head, but that might not be 'til 2013. [CNET UK]