O2 Launches Pay-Per-Day Euro Discounts to End Holiday Data Worries

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 has launched a new bolt-on mobile package it's calling O2 Travel, which gives its monthly contract and pre-pay customers a cross-European bundle of calls and mobile data for a fixed price of £1.99 a day.

For that two quid fee, O2 will give its users a 25MB daily mobile data allowance, plus roaming call fees will be capped at a one-off payment of 50p per call, with the rest of your chat taken from your usual monthly minute allowance.

The package is also available to O2 Pay and Go customers, but the rules are a little different. The £1.99 data bundle is still available for PAYG users, but there's a 29p per minute roaming call charge and a 8p per minute fee to receive a call.

O2 Travel will launch this July, when, coincidentally we're sure, new EU mobile roaming caps are scheduled to come into force. [O2]

Image credit: Holidays from Shutterstock