Oi! Show Us Your Facebook Or You're Not Getting In

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a horrifying turn of events for those like myself that are Facebook sharing prudes, bouncers have begun demanding access to peoples' Facebook accounts before they'll let revellers in the door. Apparently convincing fake IDs are running rife, and Facebook's a better way of confirming who you really are.

According to doormen talking to the BBC, it's all because the penalties for letting underage kids in are horrendous, and fake IDs are just too good these days. The idea is that the bouncers match the name on the ID with your Facebook profile on your phone, and get a cheeky peek at your sordid profile shots too, of course.

As the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones said, "Somehow feel if I showed my Facebook ID at a club I'd be barred on grounds of age...", I can't imagine this'd be too popular with the older, less overtly sharing Facebookers among us. Then again, surely we shouldn't have to be IDed by the time we get too old and crotchety like that? [BBC]

Image credit: Bouncer from Shutterstock