Orange Wants to Distract Your Square Eyes With Another "Social" TV App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Orange UK has released its TV Check app in the UK, giving iOS users another weird "companion app" to fiddle about with instead of paying attention to the plot lines and character pregression of the TV event they're supposed to be watching.

Orange's TV Check app offers one rather unique new feature -- photo recognition. Point it at your TV and, if you're watching a scheduled show the app's aware of, it'll recognise it and automatically check you in as a viewer, alerting everyone that you're now up for some show-related banter during the boring bits when nothing's exploding or no one's being humiliated by Simon Cowell.

It'll recognise and support any of the 25 free-to-air channels we get through the terrestrial digital network, plus if there's nothing to hold your interest, additional content like quizzes and suchlike are there to engage with you, the user, instead.

TV Check is on iTunes now, with Orange saying it'll arrive for Android "in the future" whatever that may mean. [iTunes via Orange]