Our Motorways Aren't Good Enough for 80mph Speed Limit Boost

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of safety campaigners have come out against the government's idea of boosting the motorway speed limit to 80mph, claiming our old tarmac arteries simply aren't safe enough to handle people bombing along any faster.

The report, from safety charity Road Safety Foundation, says the country is "Unfit for 80" thanks to "significant flaws" in around 25 per cent of the motorways, mainly coming from unsafe and lacking "run off" areas cars would plough into in the event of an accident.

As well as the safety issues, the group also claims there are plenty of economic arguments against increasing the motorway speed limit, with fuel and maintenance costs rising from travelling at higher speeds, more shunt accidents and longer traffic delays caused by the rise in severity of accidents brought about from faster speeds.

Plus the report says it's rare that drivers are free to set their own speeds anyway, due to traffic levels, and when we can drive as fast as we want we drive at 80mph already. So we'd only get there faster if an 80mph limit meant 90mph was actually the new off-the-record limit. [Metro]

Image credit: M25 via Shutterstock