Please Let This Bluetooth Gamepad for Smartphones Be Real

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The iPhone might be nibbling away at Nintendo's market share, but there are still plenty of games that are damn near unplayable with a touchscreen. Physical buttons are the way to go, and if Levelup's Bluetooth ROAM controller is legit, they won't be able to take our money fast enough.

The ROAM might look like the awkward, boxy NES controllers many of us were weened on, but it has a lovely rounded finish and includes modern gaming necessities like dual analogue joysticks and shoulder buttons. Levelup claims the ROAM works with iOS and Android with varying levels of functionality for each operating system, as well as any device with a Bluetooth connection like a laptop or a console. And with ten hours of battery life there's nothing we see here that isn't worth the £25-odd they're asking. Now if only we could actually buy it somewhere. [Levelup via Ubergizmo]