Polamatic: Photo OG Polaroid Has a Photo Sharing Service of Its Own

By Leslie Horn on at

Poloroid is the godfather of the photo-altering apps like Instagram that currently permeate the iOS App Store. By releasing Polamatic, the original instant photo company is reversing the process.


What does it do?

Take photos, add custom filters and borders, and write captions on the bottom. You can share your pics on Facebook or Twitter, or you can order actual prints.


Why do we like it?

The photo borders are not just reminiscent of these vintage snapshots, they're actual scans from new and used Polaroid frames. You can also control camera settings like the flash and grid, and you can use either the front- or back-facing camera. All the picture sharing apps we see these days seemingly derived their inspiration from Polaroid, so it seems natural that the company would come out with an app. And it's a pretty fun one at that. [Ubergizmo]

Polamatic costs 69p for the iPhone