Reversing Logos with Different Brands Is So Confusing

By Casey Chan on at

We've seen reversed brand logos before but not to the extent of these brand reversals by Graham Smith. He takes the original logo, colour and all, and swaps them out with a different brand name. What's crazy is that though sometimes you don't notice the difference, most of the times your brain gets so confused, you don't even know what you're looking at anymore.

The whole Brand Revisioning set is on display at I'm Just Creative and it's fascinating to see Smith fiddle with our brains and our alliances toward certain brands. Aside from some slight brain fraying, what I noticed was that Internet companies are missing the fun logos of brands that were created pre-Internet. Sites like Vimeo and Skype are really just fonts and not true logos like Domino's or BMW.

Words are fine, yes, but there's a difference in noticing something's off with YouTube's logo because it's using a different typeface, than noticing something completely wrong with Pizza Hut inside Domino's logo. [I'm Just Creative via Design Taxi]