RIM Coughs to Crazy Anti-Apple "Wake Up!" Prank

By Sam Gibbs on at

RIM’s obviously getting pretty desperate for attention; it’s 'fessed up to masterminding that bizzare anti-Apple “Wake up!” stunt confirming the rumours we heard about yesterday. Apparently its all part of a viral marketing campaign to try and put BlackBerry OS 10 on the map.

I guess if just being talked about was RIM’s goal then it’s scored a cracker, but really? Does all that make you look any more favourably on the floundering BlackBerry? I can’t say it’d sway me personally, especially when I was more excited by the prospect that Samsung was behind the whole thing. Still, take my advice RIM – create something genuinely interesting and we’ll all flock like magpies to the new and shiny, just don’t try polishing-up and serving us the same old rubbish that’s gotten you into this whole mess, OK? [The Age via Apple Insider]