Russian Man Gets Stuck In Chute Whilst Escaping Girlfriend

By Jon Partridge on at

Now this is just plain bizarre. For some reason over in Siberia, a Russian man had to be rescued by emergency workers from a rubbish chute, after well, trying to hide from his girlfriend.

Instead of just storming out the building after a row with his girlfriend, this man decided to try and escape via the the metal chute, falling three floors from his eighth floor apartment. After getting stuck, the 31-year-old cried out for help, as residents answered his pleas and called for additional assistance. Rescue workers had to use tools to get him out, but he was not seriously hurt.

Honestly, I just really want to know why he thought it would be a good idea to jump down, but I guess it must have been a better idea than arguing with his missus? [BBC via @RJMeaney]