If You Must Persist With a 15-Inch Laptop, Samsung's Ultrabook Series 9 Is the World's Thinnest

By Gary Cutlack on at

This slimline beauty is Samsung's latest attempt at styling up a super-skinny ultrabook, the company's 15" Series 9 N900X4C.

It'll arrive powered by Intel's newest Ivy Bridge processor set, running the Intel Core i5 3317U at 1.7GHz, while that 15" display operates at 1600x900 resolution, plus there's 8GB of RAM in here. It's going to cost quite a lot of money, we suspect.

Samsung also claims it'll feature the "world's fastest boot-up time" (for Windows) of just 9.8 seconds, thanks to the help of a 128GB SSD for storage. [Samsung via Engadget via The Verge]