Samsung Goes Back to the Capacitive Drawing Board, Updates Galaxy Note 10.1 to Quad-Core and Adds Stylus Slot

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung has slightly tinkered with the larger version of the Galaxy Note it'll soon be releasing, adding an oh-so-important slot for the company's S Pen sensitive stylus and taking the opportunity to enhance the internals of the tablet, too.

According to reports from a recent European Samsung event, an updated Note 10.1 was on show, featuring an integrated holster for the S Pen. Samsung was also showing accessories for the thing, with users able to buy an S Pen Holder Kit to slot the stylus in and turn it into a much fatter, chunkier pen, should they want to hold something a little more substantial while poking away at the bigger display.

Also welcome is news of an internal boost for the larger Note, which was shown running on the same quad-core Samsung Exynos process we'll shortly get to see powering the Galaxy S III. [Tablet Community via Phandroid]