Samsung Slaps HTC Down With a Whopping 50GB Free Dropbox Space

By Sam Gibbs on at

If grabbing yourself up to 100GB more free Dropbox space for life wasn’t enough for you, if you buy a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S III you'll also net yourself 50GB more free Dropbox space for two years, double what HTC's offering with its One series.

Seems everyone's trying to tempt you with more cloud storage, and I'm glad to see it's Dropbox this time, rather than There's nothing wrong with, mind you, but Dropbox has greater app integration, well, until Apple blocks all those apps of course.

With 50GB free Dropbox and 5GB free from Google Drive, plus up to 64GB built-in storage and a microSD card, it seems the Galaxy S III is going to end up with storage coming out of its ears -- that's potentially more than a £1000 MacBook Air for goodness sake. [Android Central]

Thanks Darrell!