Samsung's Galaxy S III Wins London Olympic Marketing Gold

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung has confirmed previous reports that claimed its Galaxy S III was to be the company's self-proclaimed "official" phone of the London 2012 Olympics, announcing a joint venture with VISA to hand out free phones to Olympic athletes. Is it too late to enter one of the easier events?

The big push as far as Samsung is concerned will be to promote the phone NFC abilities, with money mover VISA involved to help process payments. Those athletes lucky enough to be sponsored by Samsung or VISA will receive a "limited edition showcase device" pre-loaded with VISA's PayWave mobile payment app, which attendees can then use to pay for stuff on site.

Samsung and VISA say there ought to be 140,000 contactless payment points installed around the UK by the time the Olympics kick off, so the likes of us can use our regular, non-Olympic telephones to pay for our things. [Samsung]