Samsung's Music Hub Ready for Launch, Even if the Galaxy S III isn't

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite rather worrying stock news jeopardising this week's launch of the Galaxy S III, Samsung's still happy to talk about its new Music Hub tool, which will arrive pre-loaded on the Galaxy S III before appearing on other Samsung phones and devices.

There are two levels of service. The free version of Music Hub lets users browse Samsung's shop packed with 19 million tracks (via 7digital), listen to 30 second samples then decide to pay some money to download the tune. It is not that exciting.

But for £9.99 a month, users get unlimited streaming access, plus a form of music-matching service, rather similar to the iTunes Match system, that matches your existing music collection with streamable versions of the same tracks, so you can access them anywhere without having to upload your entire music stash. There are also plenty of "smart" features in Music Hub, like music recommendations, a web-based player for PC and the chance to create your own little radio stations based on your tune collection.

As with Samsung's S Voice feature which also arrive built-in to the Galaxy S III, this isn't entirely its own creation. Music Hub's streaming tech is powered by mSpot, the cloud-based music player recently acquired by Samsung. [Telegraph via Techradar]