This Scottish Geek-Underdog Playing Tetris On His Awesome Laser Harp Is the Coolest Thing Britain's Got Talent's Ever Seen

By Jon Partridge on at

The Great British nation unites on a regular basis via our TV screens to watch a bunch of idiots make themselves look even more ridiculous on the infamous Britain's Got Talent. But amongst the terrible, the dire, and the occasionally somewhat brilliant acts, there always seems to be an act you can get behind, even if it's just for the novelty. And this is a truly spectacularly geeky example.

Case in point: Greig Stewart showcased his act the other night, where he features an awesome laser harp and a nerdy rendition of one of our favourite childhood memories to an assortment of blips and bloops, of which you can check out above.

Feel free to tune in tomorrow night at 7:30PM to see the live geeky antics of Greig, and if you feel obliged, get some app action for the show too. [YouTube]

Update: Due to one reason or another, the video has been blocked from being embedded, so here's a (worse quality and shorter) mirror, or you can follow the original to watch on YouTube.