Sir Elton John's Rocket Man Streamed to Space

By Jon Partridge on at

For the 40th anniversary of the glittery man's hit single, Sir Elton John himself performed Rocket Man at the Million Dollar Piano Show in Las Vegas whilst simultaneously streaming it to astronauts in space at the International Space Station.

Sir Elton made the gesture after he heard how Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers played the song on the ISS's airwaves, deciding then to send a stream of his show in Vegas to the European Space Agency.

I personally think it's an awesome thing to do, and while I'm not a big Elton John fan myself, I can appreciate that the song may've helped inspire various astronauts growing up (or maybe just inspired a tonne of people to take lots of disco drugs?), and hearing this story just brings everything full circle. What's next, a gig on the moon? [Metro]

Image credit: Spacemen from Shutterstock