Slap a Camera Onto Your Raspberry Pi and Turn It Into the Ultimate DIY Spy Cam

By Sam Gibbs on at

When the Raspberry Pi was first released, and the board spec was shown off, there were a couple of interesting non-working expansion slots that sent our imaginations wild. Now it seems there's a snazzy new camera module on its way to take up one of those slots and turn the Pi into the ultimate low cost spy gadget.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is showing off a 14-megapixel snapper, and although it's not a 41-MP-monster, it could end up taking some pretty decent photos by the looks of it; at least for a build-it-yourself, totally exposed phone-camera-style shooter that is.

The Foundation is just testing stuff at the moment, and by the sounds of it the sensor might end up being a tad more anaemic by the time it's ready to complement the cheap-as-chips Pi. Still, I reckon it'll make a pretty good do-it-yourself spy cam set-up, hell it might even run Skype on-the-cheap courtesy of a splash of Android. [Raspberry Pi]