SloPro: Shoot and Edit Slow Motion Videos on Your iPhone 4S

By Leslie Horn on at

One of the best parts about the iPhone is that it gives anyone the ability to crank out decent home video without needing a separate camcorder. And there are tonnes of apps that make the experience even better. The latest? SloPro, which lets you make beautiful slow-motion iPhone videos at 60 frames per second.


What does it do?

Shoot gorgeous clips right from your phone and export them directly to Facebook or YouTube.


Why do we like it?

It gives you the ability to create custom videos, and toggle the speed as you record. It doesn't delay, either. You can watch the video at the speed of your choice as soon as you're done recording. It also has a built-in editor, so you can trim it down and change the speed. To take advantage of the 60fps speed, you must have an iPhone 4S. But provided that you have the right hardware, it's going to equip you to make some pretty awesome smartphone movies. [SloPro App]

SloPro is a free download for the iPhone 4S