Smell What it's Like Outside With 'Scratch & Sniff' Gardeners' World Magazine

By Gary Cutlack on at

The next issue of Gardners' World Magazine will give housebound vegetation fans the chance to get a real whiff of the outdoors, thanks to featuring an equally horrifying and interesting "Scratch & Sniff" front cover, plus a mystery smell inside.

The magazine's publisher Immediate Media will be making the issue an "aroma themed" special that concentrates on the smells of the garden, with the cover infused with the smell of lavender, which can be enjoyed once you rub the middle of the cover (in WHSmiths at lunch time).

As well as that, advertisers have paid to insert a card into the magazine, which will come with the smell of tomato leaf, sweet violet and a third "mystery scent" the reader will be asked to guess. We can only think of rude things to do with where Monty Don's fingers might have been to explain what this mystery scent might be.

The scented special edition of Gardeners' World goes on sale this Friday. [Media Week]