Sony and Panasonic Working Together to Sell You a Cheap OLED TV?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports coming out of Japan make good reading for those still waiting for OLED tech to hit the TV market in reasonable numbers and for reasonable prices, with Panasonic and Sony said to be considering a joint venture to mass produce OLED sets.

The move by the two to team up is currently at the "preliminary talks" stage according to Bloomberg. If it were to happen, the deal would reduce development costs of bringing OLED tech to the TV market, hopefully also meaning we might be able to afford one without having to ask the European Central Bank for a loan.

With the likes of Samsung and LG absolutely tearing away in the TV world in terms of sales and technology, it might be seen a bit of a desperate move to stay relevant by Panasonic and Sony, the latter of which recently reported some terrible financial numbers that were blamed in part on poor BRAVIA sales.

But it's worth remembering is that it was Sony that pioneered OLED displays, releasing its warmly received XEL-1 (pictured above) way back in 2007. Albeit only in very tiny numbers. [Bloomberg via Techradar]