Sony Considered Download-Only PS4, But Bailed Out Over Slow Global Internet Speeds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's plans for its next PlayStation console included the option of making the PS4 an always-connected, download-only machine, but sanity prevailed and the decision has been made to include an optical drive of some sort in the next PlayStation.

The news comes via the Wall Street Journal, which claims the decision was not taken to further adoption of the Blu-ray format, but was made due to the unreliability of internet connections around the world. The fact that some people out there are working within a 10GB per month download limit, or are stuck on a sub-2Mbps connection, or still don't have broadband at all, means the world still isn't ready for an all-digital console.

Plus we've all got used to having something to play Blu-ray discs with. [WSJ via CVG]