Spotify's Got Yet More Competition as Rdio Sneaks Across the Pond to the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

As rumoured, one of our American cousins' favourite music streaming services has finally made the leap across the pond. Apart from lacking the whole ad-supported streaming thing, Spotify's taster drug, Rdio matches our original music-streamer on price, with unlimited desktop streaming for £5 and mobile for £10 a month.

Set up by one of Skype's London-based co-founders, Rdio has a 15 million strong library in the US, but a cursory glance says there's been a bit of modification on its travels across the ocean to our shores. Adele's 21 for instance isn't available here, just like Spotify, but is in the US. It's also more expensive in the UK than both the US and other parts of Europe, but did you really expect anything else from rip-off Britain?

Rdio's got pretty decent apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry, so there should be something for pretty much everyone. There's a free seven-day trial for you to test it out, but I can't see a heck of a lot to drag you away from Spotify if you're already entrenched. Still, more choice is good I guess, especially if it kick-starts a price-war. [Rdio via GigaOM]