Stay Out of the Water -- There's a Seagull-Eating Octopus On the Loose

By Sam Gibbs on at

Blimey, I knew the sea was full of deadly things we just can't see, but I never thought an octopus would attack anything on the surface of the water, let alone a pecking bird. The unsuspecting seagull was ambushed from below, then dragged down into the deep to drown. The whole thing took just under a minute before the bird was octopus-food.

The deadly assault was captured on camera by an amateur photographer in Canada and quickly become an "internet sensation" all over her Facebook. Nature can be cruel sometimes, and pretty scary -- imagine something touching you on the ankle, only for you to look down and see a sucker-padded arm grasping you and yanking you down to the depths of the ocean floor. You'd have no hope. [YouTube via Daily Mail]