Streaming Music Has Finally Made It With Its Very Own UK Top 100 Chart

By Sam Gibbs on at

The UK top 100 singles chart is about to get some stiff competition from the streaming legion. It seems Spotify and its kin are just so damn popular these days that the music chart makers just can't ignore them any more. They're getting their own top 100 with play statistics pulled from audio-only streaming sites and services.

The Official Charts Company, which compiles the current top 100 in the UK, reckons that we Brits streamed some 2.6 billion songs last year. The BPI also estimates that streaming music is worth about £35 million in the UK, which is about 4.5 per cent of all music revenue. Apparently YouTube is the biggest music streaming site of them all though, but its video-centric streams aren't going to be included, probably because drawing up statistics on unofficial video uploads would be a right mission.

The chart will kick off next Monday, May 14th, at 1pm, so if you're looking for what's hot in the world of Spotify, Rdio and We7, you'll have a new place to check out. I doubt I'll see my favourites like old man Eric Clapton up there, but all those down with the likes of Gotye and Ed Sheeran should find some choice tunes. [BBC]

Image credit: Gotye from Shutterstock