T-Mobile Accidentally Leaks Customer Emails to 1,099 New Friends

By Sam Gibbs on at

T-Mobile inadvertently provided 1,099 customers with a whole bunch of new friends by emailing customers' email addresses to each other. The gaff saw everyone on T-Mobile's Hothouse mailing list get acquainted whether they liked it or not, followed by several attempted email recalls and finally, a sheepish apology.

It’s another classic example of missing the BCC box, which saw Ipsos MORI, which runs the focus group-come-mailing list for T-Mobile, copy and paste 1,100 emails addresses into the "To" box. The slip was rapidly followed by several "recall" attempts (when does that ever work?), and then a humble "please delete this" apology. Someone must have got fired for this one, surely.

It's not the first time we've seen mobile phone-orientated privacy blunders though, with other networks having made similar slip-ups. Even manufacturers such as Samsung aren't immune to the odd slip-up either; it emailed the first 100 Galaxy Nexus buyers in a similar fashion. At least this wasn't as bad as the mass firing via email cock-up Aviva made last month. [The Register]

Image credit: Email blunder via Shutterstock