TalkTalk Mumbles an Excuse For Misleading Broadband Speedchecker Data

By Gary Cutlack on at

TalkTalk's the latest ISP to get itself in trouble with the Advertising Standards watchdog, after its own speedchecker was found to be exaggerating the download rates users could expect to see if they signed up for a connection.

One TalkTalk customer complained to the ASA after the ISP's online speedchecker told him to expect a connection speed of 3.8Mbps, whereas TalkTalk itself had informed the chap that 2.1Mbps was the actual maximum the line would be able to offer.

TalkTalk defended itself by pointing out some accompanying small print in a pop-up window that explained connection speeds would actually be within a much wider possible range, but that wasn't enough for the Advertising Standards body, which upheld the complaint and told the ISP to make sure it's claims are better explained in future. [ASA via ZDNet]