The Free National Rail Enquiries App Might Just Help You Get Home a Tad Earlier

By Sam Gibbs on at

There’s nothing worse than finally stepping out of work, hurrying to the train station, only to find that your train route is totally screwed and you’re going to be stuck there for hours. How about a free app to give you the heads-up so you can (hopefully) avoid that crap and get home?

National Rail Enquiries has been available through some pricey third-party apps for some time now, but it's gone ahead and launched its own official app. The app will give you real-time information on the state of Britain’s rail network; will allow you to track trains progressing along their journeys, and will let you know when your train is likely to actually arrive, not when it’s meant to arrive.

There’s a journey planner bolted-on too, so if you’re stuck somewhere because of some moron on the tracks, you can find out how to get around the chaos even if it means taking the tube or DLR. The app will also use push notifications to give you disruption alerts and it can even wake you up when you get to your stop – just in case you fall asleep on the journey home – which hopefully should stop you getting stuck out in the middle of bloody nowhere after a night out.

The free, ad-supported app is available now for both iPhone and Android with an in-app purchase of £4.99 to go ad-free.