The Super Stylish B&O BeoPlay A3 Is the Best-Looking iPad Dock You'll Probably Never Be Able to Afford

By Sam Gibbs on at

First it was iPod docks; everyone and their Mums were making them. Now iPad docks are the new thing you didn't know you needed. Bang & Olufsen thinks its fancy new wedge-shaped BeoPlay A3 is the cream of the crop of iPad docks, packing both a sub and no less than three tweeters to turn your iPad into a portable B&O-style TV.

Your iPad slots into the centre of the wedge, which allows you to stand it up in portrait or landscape, or you can lay it down flat for a raised profile for typing. An accelerometer inside the dock allows the A3 to give you decent stereo sound no matter how you're holding it, switching between the three speakers to always give you two firing in the correct orientation.

Speaking of speakers, the dock packs a two-inch woofer combined with three half-inch tweeters to give you decent, full sound -- at least for the size of the thing anyway. The 1.5kg, aluminium-trimmed dock packs its own 5-hour battery, and will charge itself and your iPad when plugged in, but should be good for a movie or two.

It'll currently take either the original iPad or iPad 2 courtesy of a rubber sleeve, while an adapter for the new iPad is apparently in the works. If you fancy turning your iPad into a 9.7-inch B&O TV it won't be cheap -- £449 is the current asking price, but then you can't put a value on "exquisite" B&O styling.