The UK's First iPad App Movie Premieres In London

By Jon Partridge on at

Instead of trotting down the traditional red carpet, cast and crew alike were wheeled about town on a Routemaster bus for the premiere of their London-based film, The Silver Goat. Not only were they celebrating the film's release, they were also enjoying the fact that their movie had just made App Store history as the first film to be released straight-to-iPad.

Directed by Aaron Brookner, and as seen in the above trailer, it was shot in black and white entirely within London. The Silver Goat also becomes the first UK film to get an iPad app into Apple's store too. While many users of Apple's device utilise the 9.7-inch screen to watch all sorts of content gathered from other sources, The Silver Goat is the first attempt at releasing a film as a straight-up application, complete with exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures, biographies and social interaction with other viewers.

Producer Paula Vaccaro believes that App Store movies are the future for independent film makers, as not only does it cut down on distribution costs but it also furthers the digital experience for viewers. The film is available to download for a discounted price of £2.99 from May 11th for a couple of days, and after which it will be bumped up to £3.99. [Apple App Store via The Silver Goat]