There's No Way You'd Survive a Terrifying Plane Crash Like This

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yesterday we heard that Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel deliberately crashed a 727-jet plane into the desert. Now there’s a terrifying eyewitness video to show you just how horrific that really was. There’s no way you’d come out of that alive, surely?

Apparently the plane was actually piloted into the ground, with the pilot, who must have had balls of absolute steel, ejecting just before impact. It’s a bloody good job too, as the whole front of the plane is completely obliterated.

I’m a pretty frequent flyer, in fact I’ve just gotten off a internal UK flight, but looking at that makes me think twice about getting on another jet plane. No matter how safe flying really is, there’s no doubt that if you crash, there’s not much hope of surviving. [YouTube]