These Asspensive Sex Toys Cost More Than the Priceless Feeling They'll Give You

By Casey Chan on at

Though the pleasure you receive from using a sex toy is typically priceless, some sex toys are so ridiculously expensive it can't be worth it. Like £2,100 for a Unicorn Butt Plug or £8,300 for a vibrator? Yeesh.

VICE did the deep diving legwork on what they call sex gadgets of the rich and shameless and it's an impressive litany of self pleasure. Starting from the top left and going clock wise is the Real Doll (£4,000), Shockpot Robotic Fucking Machine (£1,300), Thrillhammer Sex Machine (£2,220), Inez 24K gold-plated vibrator (£8,300), Little Steel Tonight vibrator (£1,200) and the aforementioned glorious unicorn butt plug by Betony Vernon. If you want to know what all these toys do, head over to VICE. And if you still want to buy all the toys: you have a brave soul. [VICE]