This Insane Russian Survives Getting Hit By a Car and Flipped Into the Air, Having Parked In the Middle of a Motorway

By Sam Gibbs on at

If real, this is one of the most incredibly shocking things I've seen all day. A crazy Russian dude apparently parked up in the middle of a motorway, got out and was hit by a car in another lane, flipping him completely end-over-end in the air before he lands hard on the tarmac.

Apparently the guy survived with just two broken legs, which honestly seems incredible to me. I mean, look at him go. I just can't stop watching it. His mate in the back of the car seems to have had a very narrow escape too, jumping into the boot to save getting cut in half by another car crashing into them. Then again it could all be fake, I guess -- what kind of mental underachiever parks up in the middle of a busy multi-lane road? [YouTube via Jalopnik]