This Stunning Time Lapse Video of the Shard Is Like a Love Story

By Jon Partridge on at

The Shard has been a welcome addition to the London skyline, bringing in architectural brilliance over 87-storeys and rising 306m up into the air; it literally towers over several buildings that just look minute in comparison. This beautiful time lapse video showcases the final weeks of construction of the massive giant and shows us just how big it is from many angles.

Almost like an ode or a love story to the construction, this gorgeous time lapse video created by Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe gives us a look into the beauty of the building; you can clearly see the 'shard of glass' inspiration that paved the way for the design. Shot over many long days during the early months of 2012, with several locations ranging from Greenwich Park to Hampstead Heath, the building can be seen from virtually all walks of the city. Architect Renzo Piano gets the credit for designing the Shard, which took over three years to finally complete, and is now the tallest skyscraper in the UK. [Blueprint Magazine]