This Terrible Thief Used a Stolen iPhone to Take Pictures That Synced Back to the Owner's Computer

By Casey Chan on at

That's Nelson above. That's Nelson partying. That's Nelson with his girlfriend. All those pictures were taken with an iPhone he stole. Pictures that were automatically sent to the phone's original owner, Katy McCaffrey, through Photostream. McCaffrey posted a hilarious Facebook photo album detailing Nelson's various adventures with her stolen phone.

According to McCaffrey, her iPhone was stolen while she was on a Disney Cruise. The perp who stole her phone wasn't a passenger though, it was Nelson, a Disney Cruise employee who works on the ship. He used the stolen phone to document his life but unbeknownst to him, those pictures were sent to McCaffrey's computer at home through iCloud, giving McCaffrey the evidence she needed to get her phone back. I guess Nelson was clever enough to steal a phone but not wise enough to wipe it.

McCaffrey cleverly created a Facebook album with captions about Nelson's life that was both parts hilarious and useful. She contacted the Disney Wonder cruise ship and showed them the gallery and Disney has recovered the phone and put Nelson on administrative leave while they further investigate the case of the stolen iPhone. Who knew Photostream could be just as (or maybe more) effective in getting an iPhone back? Take a look at the hilarious gallery yourself here. [Facebook Album via NY Mag]