This UFO Crash Is Set To Be A Massive Eyesore For Trafalgar Square

By Jon Partridge on at

For the low, low price of only £3.4 million pounds, the British public is set to be exposed to a really naff looking UFO crash in November. Designed by British artist Stuart Semple, the structure looks to tower over the unsuspecting public, taking up the size of an Olympic swimming pool. Sure, it might look a little bit better in real life, but this artist's 'impression' just simply looks terrible.

I really feel sorry for anyone who actually has to witness this tragic piece of 'art', especially with those colours. Comprising of 88ft of stainless steel and anodized aluminium, this installation has been in the making for nearly four years and is destined for its new home in Trafalgar Square. Here's hoping by the time it goes live in November they've actually applied some sort of colour scheme to it, otherwise I think it's more suited to the scrapheap rather than one of our British landmarks. [Stuart Semple]