Top Tips From the Master To Grow One Massive Moustache

By Jon Partridge on at

Why save and not shave for just November? Keep it going all year round, or even for the rest of your life, just like the Guinness World Record holder of the world's longest moustache, Ram Singh Chauhan. He gave the BBC some great tips on how to grow a massive moustache that you can do all-sorts of things with, and seems super content without the hassle of having to shave.

Starting off with the bleeding obvious, he mentions to start growing your fabled 'tache ASAP. Chauhan's long locks have been growing since 1970, and he has never taken a blade to his pride and joy apart from to just trim around the lips. He also says to take good care of it through grooming, getting it approved by the family (watch out WAGs), endure through the hardships of having a long moustache, and probably most importantly: to not be a slave to fashion. Check out the full article at the BBC for some in-depth hints and tips and feel free to show us your ever-growing work-in-progress. [BBC]

Image credit: A Gentlemen's Club from Shutterstock