Two Stone of Sliced Meat Await in the World's Meatiest Sandwich

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is apparently the world's meatiest sandwich, and with around two stone of sliced animal parts inside a bun some 24 inches wide, we're not in any position to disagree with that claim.

The mega meatwich was prepared specifically for inclusion in the Food Network's Man v. Food show, and has been loving put together using a staggering 41 different cuts and varieties of meat. It's not all killer, though. The sandwich does contain some "sprinklings of salad" within its core, which would take a man several days to successfully pick out.

Food Network's in-channel chef Tristan Welch built the thing over the course of four hours. It is now known if anyone actually eat it. Hopefully it got chopped up and used as the next 50 lunches and dinners for the crew, otherwise it's just one big, silly waste. [MSN]