UK MPs in New Expenses Scam -- Free iPads For Everyone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's 650 MPs are being advised to upgrade their old business laptops to flash new iPads, with the cost of buying one of Apple's posh devices able to be claimed back through their expenses.

The idea comes with some vague "eco" claims to help push through the idea of spending around £260,000 (should they show restraint and opt for the £399 basic new model) on buying all our MPs iPads, with the thought process being that this will cut down on paperwork, printing costs and suchlike.

MPs who take up the offer will receive their parliamentary circulars digitally. Dennis Skinner probably won't bother with one, so that's at least one £399 chunk us taxpayers won't be paying. And Louise Mensch has probably got her own one already anyway. [The Register]