Video: How the Snapdragon S4-Powered HTC One X Fares Against the Tegra 3 Version

By Kat Hannaford on at

Unfortunately you're going to have to look overseas if you want to get your paws on a Snapdragon S4 version of the HTC One X, which US network AT&T announced last week. But if you do prefer your chips flavoured with Snapdragon instead of Tegra 3, you may be interested in watching this little battery test our desk-buddies at TechRadar put together.

Alternatively, Taylor over at AndroidAndMe put both phones through a series of benchmarks and discovered some startling facts. But I won't spoil the secret on what they are -- you should go over and check them out for himself. (Plus, Facebook tells me it's his birthday today, so let's make the Android-nutter happy with some pageviews, yeah?)

Going back to the Snapdragon version of the HTC One X, we're not yet sure whether countries outside of the US will ever see this variant, but even after reading the benchmarks you'd still prefer that one, I'm sure eBay (and a swift unlock) can sort you out.