Virgin Media Tries to Clear Its Infuriatingly-Borked Spotify-Hating Pipes

By Sam Gibbs on at

Virgin Media's been bundling Spotify in with its broadband packages for a while now, so you'd have thought the network would have made sure you could stream music just fine over your connection. Apparently not though, as loads of streamers have complained they can barely get five seconds of song going before endless buffering.

Virgin's insisting that it's absolutely nothing to do with its peer-to-peer traffic shaping, which curbs Virgin customers' BitTorrent downloads. Apparently its something to do with Virgin's connection to Spotify itself, which was pretty weak by the sounds of it. I guess that's what happens when almost everyone on Virgin gets Spotify Premium for free -- streaming overload.

Virgin's not having a great time of it at the moment. If you can't access web pages and you can't stream music, what good is your broadband connection? I can't imagine anything worse than constant buffering while you're desperately trying to listen to the latest Olly Murs track again, especially when you're meant to be getting the best part of 120Mbps. [Virgin via The Register]

Image credit: Frustration from Shutterstock