Welcome to the New New Mexico Ghost Town -- Population: Zero

By Jon Partridge on at

Across the pond in America, over £620 million is being pumped into a new town complete with all sorts of different roads, houses and commercial properties, but the catch is that nobody is home.

In the name of science, the project is being modelled after a town of 35,000, and is to be situated in New Mexico near to a similarly sized town. Dubbed the Centre for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE), scientists hope the town will be used to help research next-generation technologies on existing infrastructure without interfering, with everyday life, and to enthral innovation in this kind of enclosed space. All sorts of gadgets and gizmos will be tested and developed further within the ghost town, ranging from intelligent traffic systems, to new wireless technologies, and even self-driving cars.

US firm Pegasus Global Holdings is behind the project, with researchers involved in the project can hoping to use the ghost town to test all sorts of experiment without disturbing anyone, or anything. Let's just hope some kind of zombie invasion doesn't break out though. [AP]

Image credit: Ghost Town from Shutterstock